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Call or fax an order during regular business hours and we will make it, pack it, and ship it next day air via Federal Express to anywhere in the continental United States.

Packing and shipping charges will apply.

Please see our price list below:
Corned Beef, Pastrami, Roast Beef, Turkey Beast $18.99 lb
Brisket $19.99 lb
Tongue $22.99 lb
Salami, Bologna, Liverwurst $10.99 lb
Hard Salami $14.99 lb
Chicken (Roasted, BBQ or Fried) $6.99 lb

Potato Salad, Macaroni, Cole Slaw, Health Salad $3.99 lb
Israeli Salad, Cucumber Salad, Pasta Salad $4.99 lb
Sesame Stringbean Salad $7.99 lb

Chopped Chicken Liver $10.99 lb

Home Made Knishes (Potato, Kashe, Spinach, Mushroom & Onion) $2.95 each
Coney Island Style Knishes $2.95 each
Potato Latkes $2.25 for Lg / $0.75 for Mini

Stuffed Cabbage Turkey or Beef $7.99 lb (Approx 3 per lb)

Rye Bread $2.29 lb

Pickles Sour and Half Sour
Large $1.25 each
Small $5.89 lb

Nova or Belly Lox $32.00 lb
Lg. Smoked Whitefish or Chubbs $17.99 lb
Kippered Salmon $32.00 lb
Sable $38.00 lb
Cream Cheese (all varieties) $6.99 lb
Herring in Cream Sauce $9.99 lb
Bagels $9.00 Doz.
Whitefish Salad or Baked Salmon Salad $12.99 lb

Sloppy Joe's $31.95 for Eight Cuts

Please see our other menus for more choices.
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